Translation from Martial

TO-MORROW he will live, Lorenzo swears,
Quite a new life; and hath so sworn for years.
Tell me, Lorenzo, when will come this day
Thou call'st to-morrow? Is it still distant? Say,
Where is it, and how is 't to be got?
What is the price at which it may be bought?
Will it by Parry at the pole be found?
Or brought to light by Semnes from under ground?
To-morrow, did'st thou say, Lorenzo? Why,
Is that a day that hath not yet gone by?
'Twas known before the flood; its years outweigh
E'en those of Nestor, or Methusaleh.
To-morrow thou wilt live! To-day is quite
Too late; he who lived yesterday, did right.
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