Youthful Delusions

And where now restless, wilt thou roam
Thou young uneaseful heart?
'Tis better far to stay at home
So young a stripling as thou art.
And thinkest thou to go
Abroad to taste the sweets of life
And miss its lurking woe?

Yea, doubtless thou wouldst find a bliss
Of honey sweet awhile,
And many a love-born, smothered kiss,
Unknown to thee erstwhile.
And of a thousand hues
Would blossoms give thee morning sweets
With honey-dabbled dews.

And all-believing heart and young,
Thou wouldst unfold thy best,
To faith, and laugh till thou wert stung
With poison in thy breast.
Then who would be thee nigh
So far from home, to heal thy pain
And soothe thy bitter cry?

'Tis best, by far, to stay at home,
Dear over-trusting heart,
None but a prodigal may roam
So far from love apart.
Doubt not — abide thy day;
And what is best for thee to have
In time will come thy way.
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