Henry Bernard Carpenter

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Henry Bernard Carpenter, born April 22, 1840 in Dublin[1] or near Enniskillen, Ireland of an ancient landed family, died July 17, 1890 at Sorrento, Maine, was a noted Unitarian clergyman, orator, author, and poet.[2][3] Educated at Oxford University, his written works were principally in verse, three of which were published, The Oatmeal Crusaders, or A Nine Days' Wander Round, Up and Down Mount Washington, Being a Serio-comic Poem (1875), Liber amoris, Being the Book of Love of Brother Aurelius (1886),[4] and A Poet's Last Songs (1891)[5] published posthumously.


Carpenter was a son of the Reverend Henry Carpenter, perpetual curate of St. Michael's, Liverpool at his death in 1864,[6] and brother of William Boyd Carpenter, the Anglican Bishop of Ripon.[7] He married Emma Bailey, and was father of a son.[8]



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