Many people feel
They need to be accepted.
No matter the price;
No matter the cost.

I once felt this way,
To be popular was to have everything.
Then one day,
I realized that this wasn’t so;
It was a lie.

So from here on out,
You have heard me say,
Don’t follow this route;
It’s only about today.

And when tomorrow is gone,
And popularity fades,
You’ll see you have been conned,
For this is times way.

Going Home

I left the cemetery that April day
And drove to the old farmhouse
Where I’d grown up.

Dead leaves shattered
As I walked around the house
I hadn’t seen in twenty years
The tree branch that had held the rope swing,
The grassy space by the woods where I’d played…

Still there.

The trees, just beginning to show new leaves
Let more light reach the ground than under summer’s
Dense canopy of green
Broken beer bottles, left by hunters, I guessed, lent sparks of light
To the dried leaves that had piled up for years

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