The Tarot Sun (a micropoetry series)

child rider
free to follow the light—
a seeker of love’s embrace

always seeking the sun
while tied to the earth

reader of the codes
that are interwoven
in the fabric
between then & now
between heaven & earth

seeds that grow
in the life force
that surrounds us all
to rise above the earth
only to be buried once more

pushing ahead
slowly, back against the sun—
it’s step by step for some
and careless joy
for the ones they carry


Were this a whisper kept low, soft; as though
Winter sun shadow-sifted, tossed amidst
The sweep of scattered limb and splintered bough,
A gentle breeze that under canopies
Of icicles had crept, so soon dismissed
By idle cardinal's chatter in the eaves-
Never, no.
Insistent instead; a pitch high and clear,
To shake some constant evergreen alight,
Awake, aware; needle-sharp, piercing drear
And dulled alike that were culled of glisten
In fiercest dark of bare, blanched friendless night.

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