America the Anointed

by keithos

The September morning dawned serenely,
Soberly, on my unsuspecting America,
Announcing yet another day of ambitions,
Glorious dreams and hope.Then, suddenly,
Disrupting the diurnal equilibrium, flying
Metallic phantoms of apocalyptic terror
Streaked surreptitiously across the placid skies
With horrendous, nightmarish intent,
Demolishing the twin paragons of high
Finance, prosperity and progress! Tragedy
Struck, leaving ghoulish, billowing shrouds
Of pandemonium, fear, anguish and despair!
Dastardly, unconscionable destroyers, enemies
Of truth and democracy, plunderers of innocence,
Vicious, vitriolic, vehement vessels of hate,
Jealousy, vengeance, dared to desecrate the
Sanctity of human life and freedom, sacrificing
Thousands of pure, innocent souls on the bloody
Altar of their monstrous egoism! But, never
Will this vast, painful, heinous affront manage
To subjugate the indomitable will and spirit
Of magnificent America! Stand now, America!
Summon your tremendous inner resources of
Resilience, moral and spiritual fortitude! Lean
On the awesome power of your arms! With proud
Resolve, commitment, healing prayer, faith and
Total solidarity, justice will triumph over the evil
Of terrorism! Long live America, the Anointed!