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Classic poem of the day

There's a silver house in the lovely sky,
As round as a silver crown;
It takes two weeks to build it up,
And two to pull it down.
There's a man who lives in the silver house,
In a lonely sort of way;
But what his name is no one knows,
Or no one likes to say.

Yet when you go to bed to-night,
Just draw the window blind,
And peep out at the silver moon,
This lonely man to find.
But if his house is taken down,
And all the sky is bare,
Then go to bed, because, of course,
The poor man won't be there.

member poem of the day


Flogged and falling,
He carried the heavy, rough, and splintered cross,
Sinner's lament, it was because of us.

Down I go into the abyss of shame, of darkness,
swearing I'll walk the righteous walk,
but come up short, only talk,
Lamb of Love and Patience, forgives,
Sinner's lament, it was because of us.

Pierced, His cries still reverberate in humanity's shadowy heart,
Crimson on purple, exhaustion, dehydration,
Sinner's lament, it was because of us.

Stars swirled in celestial restlessness,
Yet, His triumph that third morning,
among the lilies, the angels proclaimed,
gives us, the fallible, hope,
Sinner's rejoicing.