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Classic poem of the day

Every rose on the little tree
Is making a different face at me!
Some look surprised when I pass by,
And others droop—but they are shy.
These two whose heads together press
Tell secrets I could never guess.
Some have their heads thrown back to sing,
And all the buds are listening.
I wonder if the gardener knows,
Or if he calls each just a rose?

member poem of the day

we walk for fifty years
lost in the ice domes
of this forsaken land
the Queen
sat high
on a throne
of clear glass tears
carved wood—
love letters written
before the dawn of time
moon dust
  moon walks—
a lonely planet
  for far off thoughts
a ring around—
the ebony stones draw in
our secret thoughts
living by the water
stepping out the sea—
she sails the foam ashore
beneath the fallen trees

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