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Classic poem of the day

Beauty is seen

In the sunlight,

The trees, the birds,

Corn growing and people working

Or dancing for their harvest.

Beauty is heard

In the night,

Wind sighing, rain falling,

Or a singer chanting

Anything in earnest.

Beauty is in yourself.

Good deeds, happy thoughts

That repeat themselves

In your dreams,

In your work,

And even in your rest.

member poem of the day

Being A Nonpartisan Author

One path of literary renown striving
to craft belles lettres
versus another aim
ming to inject castigation,

fulmination, and intimidation
(unlike tours truly) into
hers/his epistemological dogmatic claim,
would exemplify the twofold tactic,

I matter of factly exclaim
as an aspiring August author
(foremost poet emeritus - ha),
downplaying fortune and fame

aye attempt to tread within
figurative noncontroversial guidelines,
yet nonetheless game
increased readership remaining

safely shy of steering
clear away NOT deliberately inflame
ming the moral majority, and/or
being soak halled politically incorrect,

yet absolutely aware trite neutral,
tis well nigh impossible
towing thru tranquil waters
subsequently inadvertently pitching

smoldering embers sparking acquiring
(even accidentally)
fiery Machiavellian jobname
though meth...

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