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Classic poem of the day

There's a silver house in the lovely sky,
As round as a silver crown;
It takes two weeks to build it up,
And two to pull it down.
There's a man who lives in the silver house,
In a lonely sort of way;
But what his name is no one knows,
Or no one likes to say.

Yet when you go to bed to-night,
Just draw the window blind,
And peep out at the silver moon,
This lonely man to find.
But if his house is taken down,
And all the sky is bare,
Then go to bed, because, of course,
The poor man won't be there.

member poem of the day

In the vast sphere realm,
Made of soils and Waters of the earth.
Anticipated I the wayfare of no mayhem,
While I traverse on the sea's heart.

Embark I on the voyage of the whole,
Cosmos in a vessel made of no hole.
Doubted I the outcome of the undertaken adventure,
With no foresight and prepared expenditure.

Moving as in the water borne vessel as steady,
Would forthcome in no uproar of storms and shaky
Times of untowards whirlwind of the north,
And radiations of the sun's glow though cold hot.

To soar like the eagle in the sky,
Apts better off than the low high
Stirs of the aqual vessel defying the expedition,
That mayhap leads to overwhelming doom and destruction.

As I traverse the Universe,
It's length and breath;The Multiverse,
Of realms,planets,and domains unknown,
and yearning to sojourn I in the regions known.

Thus far,my proceeding ferry halts ashore,
At a glance, awaits I a panache regions afore.
But on an unadorned planet have I arrived ,

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