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Mutual forgiveness of each vice,
Such are the gates of paradise,
Against the accuser's chief desire,
Who walk'd among the stones of fire.
Jehovah's finger wrote the law;
Then wept; then rose in zeal and awe,
And the dead corpse, from Sinai's heat,
Buried beneath his mercy seat.
O Christians! Christians! tell me why
You rear it on your altars high?
The Keys

The caterpillar on the leaf
Reminds thee of thy mother's grief.
Of the Gates

My eternal man set in repose,
The female from his darkness rose;
And she found me beneath a tree,
A mandrake, and in her veil hid me.
Serpent reasonings us entice
Of good and evil, virtue and vice,
Doubt self jealous, watery folly,
Struggling thro' earth's melancholy,
Naked in air, in shame and fear,
Blind in fire, with shield and spear,
Two horn'd reasoning, cloven fiction,
In doub...

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member poem of the day

night lit
with angel stars—
I find the way

lost among
the shadow lights—
which path to take?

diamond sky
in the early morn—
I follow the river path

vessel upon vessel—
I drink from the cup of life

poured in two directions—
I follow the path that leads to home

cup of life
poured empty
drip by drip

source spring
sought from and found
from empty hopes

two sources:
the one you see
and the one you don’t

somewhere beyond
there lies the goal
you have not known

littered dust
has gathered into hills
to form the ore
of fresh made fortunes

rippled waves
unending in their motion
for those who dive
and take it in

golden light
along the fields of folly

fertile motion
brought and given back
to the...

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