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Classic poem of the day

I saw the moon,
One windy night,
Flying so fast—
All silvery white—
Over the sky
Like a toy balloon
Loose from its string—
A runaway moon.
The frosty stars
Went racing past,
Chasing her on
Ever so fast.
Then everyone said,
“It's the clouds that fly,
And the stars and moon
Stand still in the sky.”
But I don't mind—
I saw the moon
Sailing away
Like a toy

member poem of the day

With a heavy heart alone
I quest for love unknown,
Away from amidst the crowd
being not unkind or proud.

Sing to me a song
to last all winter long,
O wily wind go find
lest woe fills my mind--
      A love of much delight
     ere my soul takes flight;

That I be content bless me...
     Then set my spirit free!