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Classic poem of the day

The air is blue and keen and cold,
With snow the roads and fields are white
But here the forest's clothed with light
And in a shining sheath enrolled.
Each branch, each twig, each blade of grass,
Seems clad miraculously with glass:

Above the ice-bound streamlet bends
Each frozen fern with crystal ends.

member poem of the day

Every ripple of an ocean breeze
is perfume opening me up
to the nude heart of life
There is fire in my heart
I secretly blush when I ponder
an embrace like the poetry
of the universe realized in a cloud
or a moist masculine smile…
masculinity holds such a deep beauty
in its sweet sensitivity
the longings of energetic pleasures
to dull life’s intense pressures
maybe we sit on the grass under a tree
or dance to piercing, energetic
music that makes god smile
or maybe we linger upon waking
 sipping champagne from a cup...
if I could write a love letter…