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I wonder why the grass is green,
And why the wind is never seen?

Who taught the birds to build a nest,
And told the trees to take a rest?

O, when the moon is not quite round,
Where can the missing bit be found?

Who lights the stars, when they blow out,
And makes the lightning flash about?

Who paints the rainbow in the sky,
And hangs the fluffy clouds so high?

Why is it now, do you suppose,
That Dad won't tell me, if he knows?

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Lock me in a padded room, take me somewhere where my heart consumes all the lies that fill my head and leave me to worry all full with dread. I try to speak but nobody can hear me. It's getting harder to breathe, take my soul if you will; it’s waiting for it’s next kill. Should I scream? My thoughts are slowly killing me. Should I fly? Some days I just want to die. I cannot cry, my tears are becoming dry. I cannot scream, my voice is slowly leaving me. Where do I go from here, come run away with me my dear. We watch as the world fades, slowly into ember grey. Our hearts are terrifically hollow, observe my demons as they follow. I listen to the sound of your voice echoing in my ear, I realize it isn’t your voice that I hear. My demons are calling me, for it’s only you I truly see. I sit and ponder, I look to you who slowly wanders. Chaos, chaos fills my brain; chaos, chaos I’m going insane. Insanity crosses my mind and I believe I’m no longer sane, where does all this chaos come from t...

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