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Classic poem of the day

The Moon comes every night to peep

Through the window where I lie:

But I pretend to be asleep;

And watch the Moon go slowly by,

— And she never makes a sound!

She stands and stares! And then she goes

To the house that's next to me,

Stealing by on tippy-toes;

To peep at folk asleep maybe

— And she never makes a sound!

member poem of the day


There is a group in our town
once a month they get together
They play and sing the old songs
and share some tea together

Just recently I joined them
And it fills my heart with pleasure
To listen to the old songs -
memories that I treasure.

Years ago when I was young
To our home they all came
Singers, dancers and storytellers and
musicians of some fame.

We all had our party piece
Learned off to a T
And when my turn came I sang my best
Enjoying applause for me

Years have passed, many friends are gone
Still I love to play or sing -
So I love these singing sessions
sweet memories of joy they bring!