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Classic poem of the day

The air is blue and keen and cold,
With snow the roads and fields are white
But here the forest's clothed with light
And in a shining sheath enrolled.
Each branch, each twig, each blade of grass,
Seems clad miraculously with glass:

Above the ice-bound streamlet bends
Each frozen fern with crystal ends.

member poem of the day

My daughter did not call me,
On this, my special day,
I don't know what I've done
To her, that drove her away.

I guess she has her reasons,
The way I have mine too,
She came by to visit,
But I didn't want her to.

I watched her walk away,
Tears blinding her sight,
In many ways I'm guilty,
Being the reason for her plight.

Maybe I was blinded,
By the wool over my eyes,
Maybe I am the fool who,
Believed all their lies.

I don't know why I turned my
back, but I was told I should,
Deep down I think I miss her,
And I hope she's doing good.

She's married to a good man,
I trust won't let her down,
I trust he'll hold her hand,
When her world's razed to the ground.

Now he's taken over,
He's standing by her side,
He's the one she turns to,
When I should be her guide.

If you see my daughter,
Please tell her I meant no harm,
After all she's my baby girl,
The one I held in my arms.