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Beach Bubbles

A bare brown rock
Stood up in the sea,
The waves at its feet
Danced merrily.

A bright little bubble
Came sailing by,
And thus to the rock
Did it gaily cry:

" Oh bare brown stone,
Make way for me;
I'm the fairest thing
In all the sea.

See my rainbow robe
And crown of light,
See my glittering form
So airy and bright.

O'er the waters blue
I am floating away,
To dance by the shore
With the foam and spray.

Then let me pass,
For the waves are strong,
And their rippling feet
Bear me fast along. "...

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member poem of the day


Looking over the balcony of my sculpted, storied building, I sit content, taking in the balmy, breezy air,  soaking in the scenery of this famed destination The camaraderie on the ancient streets,  the smiles, the banter;  Ina kwana? (how was your night?) Ina gejiya! (hope it was restful?) Barka da zuwa! (welcome back)   I am proud of the city's diversity;  the clasping of hands, the curtsies, the fashion, the blend of cultures, of peoples and destinies! This is the liberal state!  In the heart of the savannah! This is Kada city! Kaduna, my home!   The sporadic violence not withstanding  We always had one another's back We always remained a people  But one day, gun shots rang across the city  Bombs exploded in strategic locations Dead bodies strewn all over the land  In panic, I fled to the rain forest    Ten years later, I return to see what is left of my home  Wayo Kaduna! (I lament for Kaduna)  Things are no longer the same! The people are no longer a...

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