Ample Rose Bush

Silken whispers greet the blithe morning
damp mist spring tap on red  oak door
joyful treat preempted faint dawning

Felicity a phase one can’t ignore
bright daffodil white and pink bloom
fragrant garden bouquet stuff of lore

Alyssum’s plump trailing mound may loom
where greyedging border might seem bare
ideal cluster wraparound March plume

Ever present awe inflames my stare
rampant green aroma gust blown sent
nearby rabbit chuckled in its lair

Ample rose bush color splash in lent
showcase of enduring floral sign
tints and tones that ruffle by assent

Snowdrop bells perennial align
sprout from moistened brown earth
on pebbled wall a green creeping vine

Embrace this heady seasonal birth
marvel at its blue spruce tapestry
exhale your élan vital of mirth