Baloney and Ritz

artisan bread sliced
I baked on a stone
in a oven medium
on a warm summer day

placed on a stoneware platter white
on a table of butcher block
with the condiments I’d need
to prepare my noon feast

from the deli bought
baloney fresh as can be
on a platter laid out
slices fresh and round

to complement these
from the grocery I got
a tin of bright red
with Ritz crackers filled

with a butter knife spread
mayo pure and white
mustard nice and brown
tart as I like

round slices I did spread
upon the white bread
and covered them all
with crackers mirroring them

rebellion did raise
it’s little ugly head
and swiss slices square
on them I did spread

a second bread slice
to top it all off
to complete my noon feast
now ready to eat