Beyond Symmetry

Studies have shown
that the human eye/mind
finds beauty in symmetry.

The less symmetrical
your face is,
the less beautiful you are.

The less symmetrical
your face is,
when you look in the mirror,
the image staring back at you
is not what others see
when they look at you.

That mole high
on your left cheek,
along with your crooked eye tooth,
are now on the right,
and suddenly you are left-handed
instead of right,
or vice versa.

Who is this stranger that
returns your glance
with all his parts switched around?

And as you turn away from
his questioning stare,
as he turns away from yours,
you wonder if he is suddenly
wondering as you are
about beauty and symmetry
and the world around you.

It occurs to you
that the countenance
of the moon is asymmetrical
to the extreme,
pocked and scarred
by countless violent impacts
and volcanic eruptions.
Yet still you find it beautiful.

Shows what good lighting can do.

Appeared in Chiral Mad #3