Big winter trifles

by Liberta

The winter wind smothers my heat,
she cracks my dirty old heels,
old raggedy walls, winter has beat.

I scurry deep in my blankets come morn,
knees to my chest, I snore and dream
of eating warm roasted corn.

A rooster steals it, bawling its crow,
damm neighbour cock breaks my sleep.
out of covers the cold gives my guts a blow.

I flounder out of shower, clattering my teeth
scurry to a coal stove like a roach to a fire,
I want to cuddle the stove, take in hot breath.

I don down my sweater, draw up my socks,
opened the door, in came the cold to draw on me
white streaks, same color of that north pole fox.

I wheedle out lotion to cream my arms,
olive drenched balm smells of nectar.
I lather up my cheeks to finger tips, now dry wind blade can't do me harms.