Binky the Two-Legged Chihuahua

My front legs never sprouted from my torso,
yet I’m alive while trillions are not,
which makes me love existence even more so.
Gawk at my lack, you’ll find your fingers caught
between my jaws! My hind legs drive me on,
my brown chest skidding across the lawn. “Let’s play!”
it looks like. No, not graceful as a swan
skimming a lake, but life is never gray.

How can it be when I’ve got treats and toys
and food and folks who’ve gifted me a cart
with wheels? The only gesture that destroys
my spirit’s when your eyes fix on the part
that’s missing and then reaching out to pet me.
I’d like to be just who I am. Please let me.


Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Poeter, Throughout the poem a mind is poured out with a mood feeling like expecting love. The way sweetly nostalgic and lonely silences in search of the love of a wounded relationship are drawn poetically here captivates me critically. This poem, written by you as usual with a focus on subtle characters, also robs my mind when reading. All The Best My Dear Friend; Write More Congratulations

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Elisadella's picture
This is fabulous, I believe I’ve seen this sweet dog on The dog whisperer {Cesar Millan} I’m fostering a dog that walks on her two hind legs Despite the fact that she has all four. Great poem !!thank you for sharing. Elise

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