The brightest of smiles

by sneha

Deep breaths 
Take a deep deep breath
Plaster a smile over you face and join the crowd
Loud laughs and wide, wide smiles
The wider the better
Do not let them catch you without one
Cause tonight they are celebrating you
Or atleast who they think you are
You clever little fox!
You did it!
You convinced them you are perfect
And since they bought that, you have to be that
Isn't it fun walking around with head held high in shoes that are killing you?
Isn't it amazing partying hard when you would rather curl up with a book?
Pretending to love something you can't connect to? 
And they say they absolutely love you
They want to be with YOU
Nay, they want to BE you
It must be amazing being you
Smile on, please do
Do convince me your happiness is true.