Candace Swanepoel

Candace Swanepoel
I Want To Wrap Myself
Around a poll
And Dance For You
My Dear Goddess

I am a man like others (all),
Sometimes An Idiot Of Most of All
I want your clothing part, indeed.
On my disturbed and troubled head
You are the missing ELEMENT
I want to breathe through it :)

I Hope You HaveĀ  Smiled,
I love your smile :)
Sunset To Sorrow
Let The Sun Rise!

And Breeze
To Follow Thy
And For The Lady -
Be a Prince!
And For The Princess
As You Are -
Let Be A Knight!

And Sparkling
Smile of Thy
As My Reward
And I Am Bowing

My Lady
As I Said
I Wish I Could
And Had I Would
Just Kissed The Sand
Which You Have Touched
With Foot Or Any Part Of Thine
I Love Your smile :)
Incredible And Perfect Body!

Your Voice I loved
When I have seen
You Traveling in Italy

You Are So Calm -
That Was Best Part!
Your Voice Like Balm
On My Still Aching
Lonely Heart

- Topiya, Muses Maybe, and Certainly Andrusha Smyk, 2022