Castles made

soft light falls
in golden hues
white crystals take fire
in breaking dawn

bright sounding laughter
on gentle breeze
of innocent joy
growing louder

eyes quickly glancing
with newest seeing
discovering footsteps
their changes made

thoughts are dancing
through simple visions
of shaping changing
of what might be

fingers tiny
exploring touching
shaping forming
thoughts burst free

see visions
hands then forming
building the shapes
of youthful dreams

skin is cooling
breeze is a growing
flowing more quickly
across the sand

fire is fading
growing dimmer
in distant darkness
upon the sea

dark high castles
steal the daylight
and the warmth
of the day

waves once lapping
now are rolling
with foam breaking
and growing high

water does slowly
at the dreams eat
foaming over
erasing away

in empty darkness
restless ocean
waves caressing
smoothing all away

at days ending
in growing darkness
dreams are gone
as never were