I know it because I need it like a cactus in a drought
The vibrations I get when you’re breathing in and out
Like the glow of neon signs—your breath has light
Emanating from your pores like a pistol pulled tight

I demure at the intensity of such a little thing
That into a mystic world a billion bulbs bring
The conquest of eyes that all learn for free
The enchantments cast with one look at thee

I can’t stand it!  what’s it mean? All the electrical might—
The brilliance from your gaze is no chance delight
I must catch my own breath for the warmth presses hard
Against any poor gambler whose pulled such a card—

It has no name, no real number, no known or copied design
It’s as mysterious as the snowflakes that fall from time to time
You catch me so off-guard every time I dare to grasp
Your hold on me—real as a button to its clasp.