The Copse of Them

I awake alone amidst the looming gloom of the Crooked Copse.
My breath quickens. My mind races. My heart thunders.
I try to scream, but the words perish along with my hope
As I notice, I am rooted to this forest floor.
I will join them soon.


Panic tunnels deep into the soil of my psyche.
Sprouts of apprehension evolve into undiluted hysteria.
The last marble of my sanity rolls like
Acorns across an autumn floor as I lock eyes with THEM.
I will join them soon.

Life has abandoned me to THEIR cataclysmic personality.
Soul and mind wrenched asunder.
As my corpse-less soul joins THEIR apathetic mentality
My soulless corpse withers, leaving a gnarled tree in its place.
I have joined THEM.

There is no resistance from the corpse-less soul.
Why resist the omnipotence of THEM?
Alone we are nothing. With THEM we are whole.
THEY await their chosen seedlings.

Will you join them?