Dance, Forever

Before the crowd somehow parted and we
        Held each other, and long before we tore
Lacerated hearts asunder, I watched you dance. 
        Amplifiers screeched; drums smashed; you bashed your
Body about like a doll you’d discarded,
        Tossed your pale angel’s hair, wings overhead 
              — Untameable bird; wildflower — 
Fearless up the front, swinging to the sound,
        Cherry-lipped, earth-eyes closed, oblivious; 
You were the music; the music was you.
        My goodbye gift: Eternity — you weave 
Through these words, curve ’round these commas, and each
        Sentence flings forward your free-fluttering feet,
And when you reach the final full stop, you
        Spin with a flick of rebellious locks,
Shut mascara’d eyes, and start afresh in that
        Dingy, dirty, buzzing basement bar.
I read this poem and watch you from all
        These years away. You don’t see me; the crowd
                           Still has you.                      So dance,                              forever.

Previously published in Issue 2 of Spinebind.