A Dancer's Creed

Leap, twirl, slide, pose.

As the music moves

On to a crescendo,

Only a dancer knows

The magic of music

In their body, proving

It’s more than shows,

It’s more than moods,

It’s more than exercise,

It’s more than those.


No time to doze,

There’s practice to make,

Shoes to sew, and

Don’t forget the clothes

That allow the dancer

To move to the

Music’s muse. The pros

Won’t accept less than 

Perfection, but remember this 

Was what you chose.


There’s only one rose

But that doesn’t seem

To matter in the

End, since your toes

Show the passion you

Put into your art

Despite the occasional lows

When you hurt muscles

Or cried after auditions

Where you suddenly froze.


After all, you disclose

It wasn’t ever about

The glory or fame.

One can only suppose

It was the magic

 Of music and movement,

And despite the studio’s

Terrible insulation, it couldn’t

dampen the thrill to

Leap, twirl, slide, pose.