Dear Sorrow

Dear Sorrow

I need to write to you

Perhaps if you read my words

You’ll listen to what I say

Though we are together every day

It’s like you don’t even know I’m here

Days, hours and years you’ve been with me

For as long as I can recall you’ve been

Constant companion

My twin flame

I have made you lover

Not of desire

But out of absence of another

I have made you queen

Not as loyal subject

More as jester and slave

Being with you has not been

As a child spinning gleefully

But as one gathered

Into the violent circles of a cyclone

You’ve never been heaven

Sometimes you’ve been hell

Most often a place of numbness

Occasions still as purgatory

Where in your cruelty you are exacting a price

Which I don’t understand why I owe you

This gnawing thought in my brain

You owe me

For all you’ve taken

For all my loss

Yet still here I am

A debtor to your deviance

These words on the page

Nothing more than dead letters

buried on white paper tomb

the silence of the night a weeping lament

I don’t know what I’m trying to say

I don’t think you’re listening anyway

The purpose of this letter still a mystery to me

I cannot decide if I’m trying to tell you

I want to break up, this romance over

Or if I’m confessing my eternal love for you

Dear Sorrow

My sweet suffering

Read these words

Show we what to do

Teach me once and for all

Is your embrace my peace or my suffocation?

Tell me you love me or hate me