Depression Doesn't Care About Your Damn Restraining Order

She's screaming "Come out and play!"
And there's not too much in sight
And she's been dancing here all night
I can hear her in the pitch black lighting of her past.
And everything around feels like it's coming down
Through the barrel and the vast way she stares into your eyes,
Pulls out the truest lies, and dips it all in dyes
That complement the bright shade of pink on her lips.
The lilacs in her hair, the scent of it I swear
It's seeping through the nightfall covering the rips
In everything I wear, it's like she's not even there
I'm covering the rocks of everything that knocks once or twice on the door I've locked three or four damn times.
She's coming back I swear, she's coming back I SWEAR!
To me and I can't stand her, gOD NO, NOT AGAIN!