When driving down the road,
Be aware of detours,
As the road is never always paved.

The road may be crumbled and rough,
Maybe bare ground or smooth cement.

Detours may seem lengthy and troublesome,
But you may see the beauty of the world
And new experiences.

Detours are meant to steer you away
From the hazardous and continue
Your winding journey.


Cosmic_Eyes's picture
Well, some people might take the straight path, but in my eyes, life sometimes isn't always a straight path. Just like with traveling by car, there will be times when you have to go the back roads or have to go on another road when construction or traffic is present. And to be honest, going on a straight path sounds a bit boring and possibly worse than going on another way. Life is unpredictable and can change at any second, so all we can do is be ready to change when we need to. And thank you for the kind comment!

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Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Poeter,  Man's life is definitely full of mysteries. In the course of time every man struggles for many years to live one day as if he were a favorite on the battlefield of life. Not all travel gives man pleasant moments as the mind thinks. The path of man, where only quests remain, is changing the realities of travel day by day. At the heart of a life that will one day end forever, the life we live is honest until we do not hurt others. .  All The Best My Dear Friend; Write More Congratulations

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Cosmic_Eyes's picture
Thank you for your lovely comment. I agree that life is full of mysteries and some days are less desirable than others. Even though we fear the unknown of the future, all we can do is continue on the path of life until the end.

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