Eternally Grateful

My heart was dead
And all alone
Locked up in darkness where no light shone
Hopeless in the chains of grief
Beatless with no relief
Then you came by
You held the keys
To the millions Of locks
Unlocked then all with ease making my heart freeze
You warmed it up
You made it beat
I know fate was the one who made us meet
It knew you were the one for me
It knew effects you held upon
It knew your smile would become my world
You made a lifeless corpse dance and twirl
You made the dullest eyes shine bright with joy
You met a broken boy and glued him back
Your love became his favorite drug
And your laugh was his worlds plaque
Contagious was your loves disease
The love I searched through lands and seas you gifted it to me
Now I know the time that past
We’re no longer who we used to be
The love has died and the melt of ice
You were the one who held the key
To the chest that held my joy
I’m grateful for the love you sent and the savior you meant