An Aubade

So let it be,
This repetition of life.
Each day starts fresh and new
despite my futile attempts to hold it back,
to remain young and beautiful, to keep the day from aging
once more. Once more into the breach, dear friends, the breach of life continuing.
Why can’t the day stay young? Why can’t we stay frozen in perfect moments till we are ready
to move on? Why slowly vanish until we are nothing, till we disappear? Why,
cruel nature, keep us bound to you and remind us of our mortality
with the rising of each new morning? And I’m so weary
of wearing my chains, this burden I bear.
And still I fade, like the mist.
So, let it be.
So, let it be.

* Published at http://lunaticpoet.com/a-monday-morning-aubade/ as part of the National Poetry Writing Month challenge and the Blogging A-Z challenge where I combined the two into one.