From Every Footstep

flowers bloom from every footstep.
take a moment.
stop to smell them.
pick them, braid them; no, don't sell them!
give them.
find a friend, and tell them:
"here's a flower from my footstep.
grown this moment,
fresh and present.
here's a flower picked for you:
so take a breath.
lose your shoes.
feel the earth all rich and loamy;
feel the sea-breeze, salty, foamy;
feel the wondrous joy of knowing
how much love your love is sowing!"
take a breath.
walk along.

step by step, a simple song
of moments beating,
flowing, feeding,
breath by breath by breath proceeding.
is blooming, dancing, growing,
spreading, singing sweetly,
something springs from every footstep.
magic moves in every moment.
be exactly where you are:
feel it.
breathe it.
feed it.
know it.