Extra Hour

What would happen if the day had an extra hour?
What I know is that I don't know, because there is nothing to show for the current number of hours!
The extra hour might result in the stock market being opened longer and my pockets being stronger, and then I might have the dowry to add a queen to my Bowery!
It's a John Wick reference meaning a King without a queen!
Subsequently buy her 'The Continental' because my marker is kept by her, and even though she never asked, I have been tasked with loving her!

If the day had more hours I wouldn't give her a money shower, I wouldn't even buy her flowers,
What would be the point of presenting a princess with petals when the compliment is done to the flowers?
What would be the point of perpetually playing with paper when the princess is priceless?
If I had more hours I would devote it to being a better being!
One who loves everyone and sees all as part of the one!
One who acknowledges that all knowledge is superceded by wisdom,
The wisdom that says; though biology claims we are not of the same mother
Theology says we're all of the same Father!

If I had more time I would not only do better, I would be better!