In the eye of the beholder

You are more beautiful than beauty,
More lovable than love,
More lustrous than the petal of a rose,
Livelier than life,
More vibrant than the rainbow;

You have more curves
than a meandering stream
than a winding road,
More playful than a feather
swept off by the wind;

Your smile is like a silver lining
on a cloudy day,
Your voice like the musical notes,
You walk the ballet steps,
Your breath like the balmy breeze,

You are a poet’s inspiration
You are a sculptor’s imagination
You are my vision
You are the beguiling mirage
You are more enthralling than
canoeing through the grand rapids,
More exhilarating than the roller coaster ride,

You are my heartbeats
You are the apple of my eye
You dwell in my dreams
You channel my conscience
You enliven my spirit
You rekindle my hope…
You are the elusive muse of my quest.