A Father's Day Labor of Love

And so as I push out this new life and give to you the greatest gift

Father and mother soon our child will call us
And I could not be more proud
The man at my side so very precious and so very much beloved
Here is to the brightest future for you to come
Eternally bonded as one
Regardless of come what may
Secure in this amazing thing our love has created

Dare we ask for anything more?
A baby to bring together even closer 2 loving people
You and I perfect until she came along

Let it be said now that we are
A miracle of Heaven on earth
Brought together as a family in the eyes of the most holy one
One of His many and greatest mysteries
Right here in my arms I hold out to you my dearest your fondest dream come true

Oh so sweet with ten perfect fingers and ten perfect toes
Father, daddy, dad won't you hold your new daughter?

Let her new life begin in your eyes as you teach her all of life's wonderous wonders and lessons
One at a time show her the path to take to make all her dreams come true
Victory and now I may rest knowing our angel will grow up safe
Even if it is without me as I close my eyes to drift off to...

Our Lord's promised reward of sweetest salvation

2019 Ramona Thompson