the fault lines i leave

we are a forest fire.
you, the flame
i, the earth
we are whirling, dancing, passionate
i fuel you, and you consume me

until you leave
the world is black, charred, burnt
walk through my woodlands and find that i am ruined
but alas, these things heal with time
you may have killed me, but my soil is now rich
and from that i will grow

you see, you may be fire
you wield the power to destroy me
to set me ablaze and watch me go up in smoke
but baby, i am the earth
i am so much more than the flowers you see

i am the highest mountains and the deepest oceans
i give life to all of your fears
i can rip cracks into you and shake you to your core
i will make the ground shift beneath your feet
and you will remember me by the fault lines i leave