Fighting Words

As you would say. . .

I am like ominous, dark clouds that roll in
and steal the sunshine
Sobbing like summer showers, bitching as loud as the thunder

I am as stubborn as cherry tree
Standing my ground through fires of arguments
Refusing to collapse from the burns I am torched with

I am as delicate as a dandelion
One hit and I blow away
Layering dust of grudges I have with you

And you.

As I would say. . .

You are transparent as thick fog
Causing people to veer off the side of the road
When all they wanted to see was the scarlet sunrise

You are the last petal on a flower
The one  “he loves me not”
Tossing young girls hearts on the ground

You are secretive like a diamond
that forms in a deep cave
On a mountain top so high you lose all oxygen getting there

You are bold charcoal dragged across a pastel painted canvas
Thinking you can mark your territory
With the of ashes from our old flame

Tell me what I’m like babe
And I’ll tell you right back.