The First Acceptance Email


Can my coconut palm climber climb up
in an exotic land?
Will the voyage through my verse be
a moonwalk for my editor?
My mind conceives in Malayalam,
but the delivery is in English.

My literary remote sensing turns triumphant.
An American deciphers my vision and passion,
wiping the vernacular fog.
I feel as if I’m flying over the ocean.
The poetic passage is through the soul,
above all the borders.
Universalizing the regional
is an art that develops in the heart.
Sharing culture is a literary virtue.

I recall my verse nosedived into
a local sardonic editor’s waste-basket.

My creative urge is like a snake-head fish,
slithers along the sand,
perceiving the presence of water.

My protagonist’s pathos echoes
in the acceptance email from Stefani.
A true appreciation is an honorarium.
She brings me into the limelight
through the archway of The Literary Hatchet.

First published in The Literary Hatchet.


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