Forbidden Love

by Kellee

Once you were there, close by my side
Then away on a steed you did ride
Now nothing’s normal and nothing is right
Just like an ogre, you ruined my life

They think that I’m evil, do you know that I’m not?
How did you feel as you watched me get caught?
You once let me in, but now I’m shut down
Your face draws a blank, your eyes tear me down

Tomorrow I’ll burn on a stake made of wood
To cleanse the whole town, to make it all good
You stand all alone, up there on that hill
Somehow I love you, I know I do still

You watch from afar and don’t try to help me
That gives me more pain then the flame at my feet
I gave to you freely, much more than did most
Now it’s too late, I’m dead on a post

I should have saw it in the leaves that I read
I chose to ignore it with you in my bed
And you overlooked my cures and my spells
For being with me made you feel well

Now that I’m gone your feelings are clear
I’m able to sense your innermost fear
If caught with me as your ungodly wife
Your honour they’d take, your name and your life

The things that I did, none should have knew
You know I believed and trusted in you
My soul soars away from corporeal bones
While fire is set to my mortal home

Yet I wish only the best for you my dear love
Please know I forgive you from the realm up above
I hope you find love, I hope you find peace
I hope you find someone who reminds you of me

First appeared in a 2011 issue of The Fifth Di...  


Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Poeter, I love that love melts like life. I am waiting to forget that you are not on the paths that wandered in search of you without knowing who you are. Each of my teardrops falls to earth as kisses for you. The poem that made me love it Write more Congratulations

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