Four Little Rooms

He lived in four little rooms
Locked behind the door   
And the night shined through   
Where a light shined before   
A red flame burned ash and gray    
Lying on the floor    

So you move yourself along
And grind on down
And scrape The Path you drag around
Stumblin’ on The Way?
A new day with no grace to say 
Starin’ down the ground

They’re softer lies to swallow  
When you’re drunk   
Or when you’re full of faith
And barely saved
It’s only things that fade   
And leave impressions in the dark  
And demons in the haze                
Sunlight burns night away  
And darkness into day

So sing inside your walls
And make the lamps low
And watch the white screen glow
Black on grey
The words that you say
And drain yourself away
Another night burned white by day
Blurs darkness into gray

Are you fated?
Or are you led?
Well either way the moon will grow
And spread out wide across the snow
Piled high and ploughed
Raised between the lines
And layered across the years