The Gift

by Wings4u

As I wake up Christmas morning
i cannot believe what I see
i start to count the gifts
That have been left for me
I see that there are many
Each one a different size
I kneel down by the tree,
As I wait for the kids to rise.
I know that it is early,
But, you see, I just can`t wait
I tear the one in the middle
And inside of it is FAITH
I wonder what the next one is?
For sure it`s not a toy,
I open up the top of it,
And out comes all the JOY.
Behind that one I notice,
A very heavy gift
It ys almost too heavy
Even for me to lift.
The top is halfway opened
And PEACE is pouring free
I look again at the tag,
To make sure that it`s for me.
I saved the biggest one for last
And I think on bended knee
For I`ve gotten FAITH, JOY, and PEACE,
What else could there be?
Then slowly as I lift the top
And look with eager eyes
Nestled in the box I see
My SALVATION there inside.
I look upon the heavens
To ask my Father why?
For I`ve never you a gift
And now you give me LIFE?
His answer was so sweet
That I fell upon my face
He said, My child, I give you LIFE
Through my Father's GRACE
It is because I Love You
Much more than mere Days
So for this Christmas, I took my gifts
And gave the LORD my PRAISE.