Graduation Ceremony

Grad caps soar into the air,
Accompanied by hoots and cheers
As the sun sinks solemnly,
Signifying the end.

Or is it a new beginning?
The cozy, golden sky,
The flaming clouds,
The yolk lazily peeking over the horizon,
Dawn and dusk are indifferent, really.

Smiles and cries,
Hugs and goodbyes,
No one wants to let go,
But a part of the journey is its end.

From then we are like broken kites
Being set free to begin chasing our different destinies.
Longingly, I looked behind,
Watching you melt into the dark mystery ahead.

But before that, you turned around,
Then irresistibly winked a naughty morse code at me.
I think I know what that meant.
See you again.