Handicapped(The Girl in her Wheelchair)

So excited to meet his beloved at the bus station,
There were butterflies in his stomach, he was getting impatient.
A past accident had stolen the girl’s ability to walk,
The way she lived her life to the fullest, in a wheelchair, had taken everybody by shock.
He had fallen for this indomitable character,
So deep in love, he could never bear to leave her.
It wasn’t lust, nor was it greed, just pure, true love.
With a red rose in his pocket, and in his right hand, a diamond ring,
He couldn’t wait for the happiness that life had to bring.
Waiting, all giddy in spirits, he stood;
He contained his stupid smiles as hard as he could.
Tapping his toes eagerly, he was playing with his hair
Before he saw the charming girl sitting in her wheelchair,
Emerge out of the distant misty air.
The beautiful rose in his pocket suddenly drooped, as a petal fell to the ground.
His mind got clouded with grim, and his face fell to a frown.
He then looked up to see a speeding bus that appeared out of nowhere,
And in its way came his girl in her wheelchair.
She tried to wheel out of the way but she wasn’t fast enough,
She was not visible to the bus driver who whizzed past the wind.
In the blink of an eye, she was abruptly knocked to the ground,
As gasps left the lips of everyone around.
The vehicle came to a halt with a screeching sound.
The boy bolted to the scene, tears staining his face
The scene made him weak in the knees, there was blood all over the place.
With a weak smile on her shaky lips, she lovingly caressed his cheek.
As the boy knelt down, wrapping his arms around her, she could only hear him weep.
She now saw nothing but the back of her eyelids,
As she drifted off into forever-long sleep.
Vision still hazy, he pulled out the diamond ring,
And slipped it onto the finger of the cold body, feeling his heavy heart sink.