Have a _______ Trip in response to Have a _____ Day by Lou Lipsitz

Have a nice trip. Have a safe trip.
Have (however humble) a shoestring trip.
Have a trip of pickpockets and thieves.
Have a gaslighted trip questioning your reality.

Have a trip of class.
Have a trip of positively scrunched,
coach class you
cannot refund.
Have an obnoxious trip, a loud,
stenchy trip. Have a
monstrously jet-lagged trip;
a ghastly, broke-down Clark Griswold maddening
tourist trap trip.
Have a trip of festering, blood-sucking
parasites and bedbugs. Have a trip
of nearly finding
how lost you are; a smartly placed,
tight slap.

Have a nice trip of biking and hiking;
a trip of sailing and flying,
of watching solar flares and following the breadcrumbs.
Have a trip of urban grime,
of mindlessly counting your footsteps,
a trip of wending, of chasing
fast, sighing more clearly,
a day of longing for shadows
and sharp edges, or genuflecting
at common wildflowers, of just
hurrying and waiting.

Have a trip of tasting marzipan,
of carelessly sliding raw oysters,
a day of sampling yumberries
and smoked sprats, or bowls
of steaming mulligatawny, of only
sitting and eating.

Have a trip where the pennies you each
picked up are gathered and you toss
them in fountains
wishing for home.
--published by Orbis