How Kind, The Morning

The morning is kind to me when I awaken
She dallies in waiting till I first peep my eyes
As one is half open and t'other half closed
Yet, both can detect her fresh, golden grin.

"Stay away darkness!" she seemingly says
"At least for now, let me take my turn"
So, darkness agrees and sleeps for a while
And the morning is grateful and laughs with the sun.

As the deer in the meadow bound for the woods
(The cover of darkness now is forfeit)
For, the trespassing deer are really quite shy
And morning has stalked them, back to their haunt.

Still, the morning is bold and hurries ahead
Nought stops her now, not even the rain,
As she braves it head on and shines through the diamonds
Gifting a rainbow, by my window to end.

But my window is closed and the rainbow stalls
And peers at himself in his own reflection
"Who is the fairest ?" asks he to himself,
He, gazing right back as the window is glass.

And what of myself ? what, then, of me ?
Remorses of yesterday spill all about
Then, the kind morning whispers (soon before noon)
"Ah! that was before - today, it is new!"


Regina's picture
A refreshing newness penned in this poem, you have a good contender for the contest, Alan. Having the morning being a gentle woman is quite creative. Have a bright and imaginative week. Best wishes for the contest. ~


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