As I Sleep

She lies upon me as I sleep
And lets her fingers around me creep
Oh yes, and presses them quite deep

I dream that she lies quite still
At one with me to bide her time
But as the days grow less bold
She shifts and sighs with weary cold

I dream her breath is soft and warm
Yet hides an underlying chill
Her only sounds are snaps and groans
But mute I hope she will go home

I dream she holds me close and tight
And as her whispers blanket me
I try to leave yet must remain
They lace the Arctic in my veins

I dream her fingers seek me out
Dig in, and burrow till I scream
And roots like ice suck numb my shell
Her freezing force won’t let me wake

Winter lies upon me as I weep
And wraps me in a shroud of sleep
Oh yes, and presses me quite deep

The Burning Maiden Vol. 2