i want to find ambition in the sweet things

being at the top of the food chain
leaves little competition,
so we search for something else
in the hopes of new ambition.
some people find it in sweet things
that changes worlds completely,
whilst others think up sour thoughts
and act on them discreetly.
they mess with human evolution
and trick our minds into believing,
that we should aim to die
instead of resuming breathing.
of course that’s not the truth,
but we’ve been soaked in constant lies
by our families and our best friends,
and we’re taught to trust those guys.

so we grew in forests of weeds,
thinking, oh! this must be beauty!
until we were given flower seeds
and reminded how things should be.
our ambush predators silently morphed us into puppets,
but we’ve found the strings,
so we’ll pick one up, and find a way to cut it.
some we cannot reach yet,
but there are people who can help
so we speak to them in hopes
of finding freedom for ourselves.