Lament of the leaning trees

by Fliss

We were planted to stand, not to sprawl in this way
  by the larger of lakes in the park,
to stare straight at the sky through the night and the day,
  not to ogle our own shades of bark.

But the lake has swelled swampily over the years,
  seizing soil in her cool clammy clench,
with a treasure of twigs-and-grass, sweet chestnut spheres,
  and a hoard of hard wood, once a bench.

How we cling to the earth with our tendrilous toes
  while the lake laps in sinister sheen,
rousing daily and nightly our powerless throes
  as we lean, and we lean, and we lean.

- - -
Published on The Hypertexts, Spotlight, July 2021


MyNAh_27's picture
Hi Fliss, Congratulations on your recent richly deserved poetry nook triumph and the publication of this poem on The Hypertexts, Spotlight. Lament of the leaning trees is an imaginative title for an imaginative work which invites continuous reflection. It has a deep rich vein. Best of luck in this and other contests M

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Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Fliss, 365rd Weekly Poetry Contest I am glad your poem was a success. I read here a sweet poem about the beauty of the tree branches playing side by side with the wind. In the journey of life, man is mentally fascinated by the poems of nature on the path of searching for memories. My mind explores what the childlike leaves, flowers and fruits of the tree in the direction of the wind like melody without language are the messages they tell man. All The Best My Dear Friend; Write More Congratulations

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Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Fliss & MyNAh_27, I was so moved by a friend's poem submitted to this week’s competition. 'I WANT TO LIVE!' If you have time, read this poem which has been uploaded under the title. I thought to say the same in the loving thought of being a friend of yours too. You two are the most wonderful poets, surely read this poem once. Forgive me if I have bothered you; Don't get me wrong.

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