by Lithium

The night is still young they say,
hoping it will forever stay,
but big illusions lie ahead of the dreamer,
praying to see three suns in the morning does the believer,
the optimist hopes it will be the best day ever,
the pessimist thinks there'll be some crappy weather,
the idealist thinks the day will revolve around him,
the atheist shall remain in silence and accept the black hymn.
The morning has almost come,
all of them are tired and kind of feel numb.
With no force in their bodies and minds,
they beg sorry and cry out their pride.
Lying on their beds with some kind of fear,
they're closing their eyes feeling the morning is near.
Thinking and smiling about the night they've spent,
without realizing it, their smiles have blent.
None of them,
had seen the night again.