Life Is

Life is a long walk,
The path meanders,
The path undulates.

Life is a sequence of doors,
They open of their own accord,
Until the final closure.

Life is a book,
Ancient and voluminous,
No one has read to its end.

Life is a hill,
Our purpose makes us climb,
Our ambition pushes us further.

Life is a battlefield,
We don’t fight with guns and knives,
Our weapons are our will and determination.

Life is a mystery,
Some things can’t be comprehended,
The deeper we search the
more intricate it becomes.

Life is a race,
We run at different speeds,
Some fall out in the race.

Life is a train,
We embark and disembark,
At our various stations.

Life is a tussle,
The evil against the good,
The unseen against the seen.

Life is a timeline,
It can’t be trapped,
It flows like a stream.

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