Of Life I must learn

Will I ever be able to comprehend life,
Awesome life; Life enigmatic,
With its woes and worries
Its joys and jubilations
Without a prelude or an epilogue attached.

When I am unable to understand Nature
With her simple gurgling and bubbling brooks
The gushing streams and the calm placid lakes
The splendorous falls and the magnificent mountains
The verdant hills and emerald green valleys
The virgin woods and the pristine environment
With her tiny puddles of restless oceans
grains of sand and breaths of fresh air.

How must I then understand
The infinitude of life?
Ravaged by death, disease and destruction
Is still so enduring,
With all its misgivings and failings
Still is so enticing,
With falling short of fulfilling one’s aspirations
Is still so endearing,
With all its indiscreet ideas and foolish dogmas
Is still so unique;

Why were we born?
If it’s to live life…
Why, oh why
do we then die!