Little Salty Feathers

Salty feathers, rising high,
I am a bird, born to fly...
In a world so dark and arid,
Where hope and light seem afar.
From up above, I see the earth
A place of beauty and want…
Of life and death, of love and hate
Of peace and war, of unwanted fate.
The air is thick with virulent fumes,
The land is scarred with human plumes.
The water's poisoned, and the sky is  grey,
This world is sinking, every day…
So, I take flight and leave behind,
  This world that's lost…
I flew away, to seek some peace,
To find refuge, some sweet release…
And there, amidst the ocean waves-
A drowning woman, weak and pale
Floating with her fingers crabbing on a plank,
In need of help, her life is a deal.
My heart is hefty, but I know
That I must help her, let her not go
I land beside her, flap my wings-
And made a soulful screech I ever made!
Like *Eine melody on the breeze.
Alas! A raft with a lone man in the scene.
I made a hard attempt to flap,
My strong wings make a flutter.
Amidst the vastness of the mighty Ocean-
Will he spot me and her, Oh my Lord?
The lady is making her last sigh…
Oh, fate! please don’t be unkind…
**” Ich komme zu dir”, the raft man screamed!
He reaches out, with a trembling hand,
He led us in his young green bamboo raft,
He rescued her with life-help skills.
Together we stood against the tides,
And a bond forged amid the wild!
In the depths of despair and strife,
A little bird like me became a thread to life!
She purred,” Salty feathers and a heart so kind.”
And took me onto her lap, I felt so glad!
The raft-man seems blissful…
This story is a testament, to “Hope can emerge in darkness”!
For even a bird with its sound profound,
Can save a soul, a tale of survival interlinked!
I thank the universe for this big grace!
A big love and a little care can save a life!

Sangeetha. SJ

*Eine- ‘One’ in German
** Ich komme zu dir- ‘I am coming’ in German