Lonely But ...

I walk the empty grounds of my small, lonely town
on a warm night in May.
The night air is milky and makes me slightly dazed.
I look up at the black sky, which would be as void as my soul at present,
were it not for the gleaming, hopeful specks of light.

The stars whisper to me that I may not be as alone as I thought.
Somewhere out there,
someone is gazing at the same stars as me.
What kind of life do they lead? I wonder.
What are they doing this warm Friday night?

Are they out partying with a crew of friends,
driven by their rush of youth and spirits?
Are they inside, opening up their soul to a loved one?
Or are they alone, staring at a moving screen,
Dreaming of a life that is flashing before their very eyes?

I can't judge them. Who am I to do that?
The stars shine for them as bright as they do for me.
The stars don't judge and neither does the sky.
I, like the stars, will try to shine for those lonely souls
And hope that one day they will share their light with me.