Lost beginnings

Goosebumps rise on chilled flesh
fine hair stirred by flowing breeze
tingling chill runs up the spine
fear gives rise to pounding heart

eyes would pierce the dark of night
starlight to faint with to see
feet to seek the path to take
before the beginnings of the morning light

thin wisp of clouds within the night
blur the stars in glittering night
thoughts half known now are lost
unsure of what was once known

head does turn to have half sounds
eyes do peer with unseeing
fear does give to unknown forms
with roots of darkness that pierce the soul

one does seek what must be
that will come in morning light
in the dawning of new day
then must one flee away

how to quest within the night
with out knowledge to take flight
find the path that must be
followed in the morning light

mist does form in chilling air
as cold droplets kiss the skin
growing clouds obscure all sight
cold dread is all that’s known