The Lunatic Holy Man


Hole in the ozone layer
of his sense increases.
He mutters to the tomb
of his father, while
clumsy expressions
flash in his face.
A hundred fools
watch him with awe.
It’s paradoxical
they chant holy verses.
He has a big
sedimentary belly
formed from offerings.
He heals the insane,
rustics say,
patting on their crests
or tying black cords
around their waists.
There’s a panacea
for peace for many
in his absurd mantras.
He became a holy man
after his dad’s death
with the privilege of birth.
Lunacy adds charm
to his character.
Fame is sometimes
a friend to folly.
Even the distant mother
comes with her daughter
for a cure.
There’s a relief in belief.

First published in my book, "Kanoli Kaleidoscope" (PunksWritePoemsPress in the USA).


Miles T. Ranter's picture
This is a vivid portrayal of a shaman or healer. I like the references to Earth with "ozone layer of his senses" and "sedimentary belly." I especially enjoyed the last line. Insanity can be useful if channeled in socially acceptable ways and controlled.

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