It only takes a couple of small matches
to torch a total forest to the ground.
A flick of the wrist, and kindling quickly catches
and palms and rubbers hiss and soon the sound
grows louder as they crackle, snap, and sputter 
as lizards skitter, hummers rise and flutter,

and sloths, absurdly slow, stay put and fry.
One match. A million matches. Same effect
for anaconda, frog, or butterfly.
The lungs of Earth are now ablaze, unchecked
as our encroachment on the last pristine
preserve—when nothing will again be green.

But then there is the match of CO2
heating the homeland of the kangaroo,
koala, wallaby, and flying fox
imprisoned in a broiling greenhouse box
where plucky firefighters fight and fight,
where even the sun can’t match this matchless light.


Elisadella's picture
This is amazingly sad, it’s incredible how you diverted from the Amazon to Australia.....”Where even the sun can’t match this matchless night” This is brilliant and so timely and so very distressing. Thank you for sharing and your concern for these wonderful creatures.

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Miles T. Ranter's picture
Thanks very much, Elisa. I do really feel for those poor animals. More than a billion creatures have died in Australia (including already-endangered mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects, not to mention the loss of plants and habitat). I just read yesterday that the last 5 years on Earth have been the hottest on record. Not a good sign!

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