Matthew Shepard Of Wyoming(revised)

by Regina

Twenty-one years old,
or, I should say young,
with the fair coloring
and grace of a
trumpeting swan,
youth of intellect
and blameless goodness.

He attended a LGBTQ meeting
on the campus of the University
of Wyoming on October 6, 1998,
afterwards he dropped by
the Fireside Bar for a drink.

Two malevolent men lured
Matthew from the bar,
they tortured the youth
of the peaceful presence.

They left him to die on
a deer-proofing fence
near a rural roadside.
Hours later a cyclist who
at first thought Matthew
was a scarecrow,
then recognized him,
he, Matthew of an
angelic face,
the swan,
the delicate swan.
Tear tracks streamed
on his cheeks.

After a six day coma
in the hospital,
Matthew of this
sad earth passed away,
candlelight vigils
glowed the world over.
Hate crime legislation
across the U.S. was born,
Matthew, a citizen of
global humanity,
murdered for
simply being gay.

Matthew's angels still
console the
tearful hearts of light,
neverending. ~

In Loving Memory of Matthew Shepard ~